Our Rainbow 6 team made Rogue history by earning our first Rainbow 6 world championship title under the Rogue banner. The team focused on a #winornothing playstyle, which led them to hoist the trophy after a triple-overtime, five map gauntlet against Faze Clan. The win will surely go down as one of the greatest championship victories in the R6 history, and we were honored to share the stage against a top-notch organization in Faze Clan.  

This win was as much about the individual players that make up our R6 team as it was the organization itself. Spoit, in his rookie season, earned the coveted MVP award of the Berlin Major and became the youngest R6 Major champion in its history. Right alongside Spoit, cryn earned an EVP award for his stellar play throughout the tournament. Kantoraketti has become the only R6 player to ever win two Six Major titles. The win also gives LeonGids and Rogue coach meepeY their first ever T1 championship. Finally, Deapek, who took rounds with incredible 1v3 and 1v4 plays, was awarded the MVP of Championship Sunday. 

We would like to thank our fans for their support over the years. Your dedication to the Rogue team is what keeps us working hard to improve every aspect of our organization. We see many more titles in our future and can’t wait to have you watch us represent everyone who’s ready to #gorogue.